Discover your mirror on dev9t!

Apply until May 25th!

For Plato, art is the MIRROR of reality, and Dev9t would like you to use your art to present what MIRROR is to you.

Do you use it for playing with sunrays or maybe it has some magical skills for interstellar communications? Does it help you to discover and expand your horizons or maybe it narrows down your perception by captivating us among prejudice walls? Reflecting surface is seductive, but also dazzling. Do you have the power to discern the truth?

You can go even further. All the way to thresholds of superstition, via roads of broken MIRRORS to seven years of bad luck. Folklore tales say that you have no soul if you don’t see yourself in the MIRROR, you are then part of the immortal world. Do you believe in that, does it spark your imagination?

Look at your reflection in the MIRROR, dare to explore the creative depths of your being and come to Dev9t to show your discovery. Use the MIRROR to reveal us the reality of art!

Everyone is welcome on Dev9t!

Accomplish your idea with dev9t on dev9t!

We want to help accomplishing ideas for interactive installations and sculptures bigger than 2m. Advantage goes to projects connected with this year’s festival theme MIRROR, but be free to send proposals that are part of general Dev9t concept. For more information, read the application carefully because it is very important for every field to be filled completely so we can achieve our art goal.

Following artists will choose ideas that will be co-financed:

  • Aleksandar Gligorijević
  • Ivan Gračner
  • Arpad Slančik
  • Viktor Kiss

And creative team Dev9t



Your art inspired by dev9t

You created art that follows general concept of Dev9t.


Your art inspired by mirror

You created art that follows festival theme MIRROR.