What is DEV9T?

Dev9t is fighting for culture’s survival, because culture is the natural habitat of all beings. If it’s not preserved, we risk becoming an endangered specie, unconscious of the purpose of our own existence.

Because of this, this festival is a place that will allow artists to have indefinite freedom to be what they truly are.

Dev9t - Portal 2016

Dev9t is the home for creatives and artists from all walks of life. Dev9t is a place that has no boundaries for the expression of ideas. Dev9t is the Old Brickyard. Dev9t is an art that is created in the moment, but also the exhibition, performance, work-shop, concert, party...

Dev9t are the people, by the people. Dev9t are the colors. Dev9t is everything that you can imagine, that makes you feel better.


Old Brickyard

From plains and over the hills, from Square to Kosutnjak, boulevards to one-way streets, all roads lead to Dev9t. Choose your own path, and there we wait for you..

lokacijaSlanacki put 26

bus202, 35, 35L, 32, 32E, 74, 25P